Stacey Kelly, CMD

Stacey Kelly is board certified as a Certified Medical Dosimetrist by the Medical Dosimetrist Certification Board. Additionally, Stacey is also a board certified Radiation Therapy Technologist (RTT) by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. She is responsible for creating the radiation treatment plans for all 3-D conformal and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) patients.

As one of the most experienced Dosimetrists in the Tampa Bay area, Stacey oversees all radiation therapists at TBRO.

Teresa Moore, RT(T) CMD

Teresa Moore holds board certifications in both Radiation Therapy and Medical Dosimetry. Combined, she has over 16 years experience in Radiation Oncology. She began her career in Seattle, WA with internships at the University of Washington and Swedish Medical Hospital. She was a clinical supervisor and instructor with the Bellevue College Radiation Therapy Program and a member of the Radiation Safety Board at Group Health Cooperative. Her considerable Dosimetry experience includes 3D conformal treatment planning, IMRT, brachytherapy, radiation quality assurance and supervision of the radiation therapists.