Medical Physicists

Ignacio Ferras, PhD

Dr. Ferras has served as Managing Partner, Chairman and CEO of Huff Herras, L.L.C. since 1995. He is licensed as a diagnostic radiological Physicist, Medical Nuclear Physicist and Therapeutic Radiological Physicist. He is a clinical Professor at the University Of South Florida College Of Medicine with the Department of Ophthalmology

Stu Wasserman

Stu Wasserman is a Certified Medical Physicist. He received his Masters degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Virginia and worked at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York City. Stu is one of the most experienced Brachytherapy Physicists in the nation and does the Brachytherapy planning for the prostate seed implants.

Anil Chopra

Anil Chopra is a Certified Medical Physicist. He received his Masters degree in Radiological Physics from the University of Texas. Along with Chulhaeng Huh, PhD, they round out the team of Physicists who are responsible for the quality assurance of the treatment planning process and the radiation generating equipment.

Eric Dick

Licensed Radiation Therapy Physicist in Training
Eric Dick was educated at the University of Cincinnati and the University of Central Florida. He is a four year member of the American Association of Physicists where he has served as chair of the Students and Trainees Subcommittee of the Education and Training of Medical Physicists Console.