Radiation Therapists

Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology currently employs seven Radiation Therapy Technologists. All RTT’s are certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and licensed by the Florida Department of Health Bureau of Radiation Control. The Radiation Therapists are responsible for delivering the radiation dose in accordance with the Radiation Oncologist’s prescription and the resultant treatment plan.

Our dynamic therapy team includes the following:

Brandon – Terence Shuman, RTT, Yamilie Vazquez, RTT, and Bryan Murphy, RTT

Sun City Center – Marie Blough, RTT and Courtney Philpot, RTT

West Tampa – Deborah B., RTT and Sarah Otto, RTT

Tampa/BB Downs – Angela Parrish, RTT and Ashley Brickner, RTT

Part Time Team Members – Jillian Nagel, RTT and Kelley Sanemeterio, RTT

Our part time team members work in all centers as needed or as requested making sure there is adequate trained staff on hand at all times.