Physician Nursing/Support Staff

Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology’s clinical nursing team has over 50 years of clinical experience in Oncology and Radiation settings. Dedicated to providing the most compassionate and comprehensive care possible, our nurses are here to guide you and your family members through each step of this difficult process.

Current members of Dr. Steel’s nursing team includes: Judi Potter, OCN (Oncology Certified Nurse); Eileen Oppenheimer, RN; Ivonne Vega-Acevedo, LPN; Starr Knox; Leslie Ramos; Robert Fox; and Douglas Reeves, MA.

Current members of Dr. Kahn’s nursing team includes: Joel Pecina, MA; Felecia Sanchious, LPN; and Cynthia Hawks, MA.

Current member of Dr. Koval’s nursing team is: Olga Tucker, LPN.

Current member of Dr. Greenberg’s nursing team is: Patricia Polo, RN.