Patient Testimonials

Dear Staff at Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology,
(Dr. Koval, Olga, Ashley, Angela, Jillian, and Trey) Who I have seen regularly over the past several weeks.
Thank you for the kindness, courtesy, and care you provided me during my radiation treatments. I am happy my seven weeks( 30 treatments) of radiation therapy has come to an end, I will not miss those treatments. I will miss each of you being a part of my days, seeing your friendly faces daily helped make the visits tolerable and as pleasant as possible. Rarely if ever did I have to wait for my name to be called. Typically I was in and out in no time. This was especially appreciated on days I was not feeling my best.
Thank you again!

P.S. Please enjoy my special strawberry bread as a token of my appreciation!

— K.B., Dr. Koval

Everything was good and professional. Thank you very much!
— N.N., Dr. Kahn

The entire experience at TBRO has been outstanding. Thank you for making a stressful situation as pleasant as possible.
— H.B., Dr. Steel

Everything was great. The staff was considerate and listened to all of my concerns. Hats off to the young ladies in the treatment radiation room.
— A.T., Dr. Steel

Sarah and Debbie were wonderful as could be, along with everyone.
— R.K., Dr. Kahn

It is difficult to improve upon perfection. You’re the best! J Your ‘ducks’ are all in a row—even your scheduling procedure. I’m really impressed! I couldn’t ask for a better team of caring staff and professionals as at TBRO. Debbie and Sarah—both fantastic—made me feel right at home. Valerie and Cynthia are two great receptionists. Your nurse Eileen was a great help to me. The PA’s, Rob and Ed, both answered any question I asked as did everyone else. And as for Dr. Jack Steel—I’m fortunate to have him as my oncologist. He’s an A-1 guy and I don’t mean the sauce.
— H.M., Dr. Steel

You have an outstanding staff—from your doctors to your nurses, radiation. All professional front desk staff also. Outstanding work!
— A.J., Dr. Steel

Could not ask for a better experience in what was or could have been a scary time. The radiation staff at the Brandon location efficient, friendly and always made me feel very comfortable.
— E.G., Dr. Kahn

I would recommend Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology to who would need this treatment in a heartbeat. This place is ‘A-1.’
— C.B., Dr. Steel

Everything was outstanding, was very professional. I would recommend Dr. Steel and staff to anyone. Job well done! God bless!! Thanks, Terrance. Good job!
— J.E., Dr. Steel

All of the staff was outstanding. Just keep up the good work. Everyone was so helpful. Thanks, guys. The radiation staff is the best. Love you guys—Sarah, Debbie and Courtney.
— C.R., Dr. Steel

In my long life as a professional and as a patient, I can’t recall staff members who performed their duties as diligently, with more kindness, zeal and love, then Miss Marie, Kelly and Courtney. As for Dr. Steel, his good reputation precedes him and is well-deserved. Thank you all, other staff members, too.
— E.N., Dr. Steel

Marie and Kelly made my everyday treatments fun and less painful. They really have a knack for making treatments less stressful. The whole staff made my whole experience less stressful and gave me total support.
— N.G., Dr. Kahn

The physicians and staff are great! Thank you one and all. Keep up the good work. I’m so well taken care of each visit. Thank you all for caring for me. I’m so pleased.
— D.E., Dr. Steel

The radiation treatment staff was patient and polite, especially to someone as nervous as I was.
— J.O., Dr. Kahn